Full Cantilevered Flat Roof Hardport

Full Cantilevered Flat Roof Hardport
This structure consists of 2 upright columns - planted at the back of the structure. The structure is available with or without Rain Water Goods depending on installation specification. IBR or corrugated Galvanized and Chromadek Sheeting can be used on this type of structure.


  • Steel:
    Structural Steel Tubing to specification depending on application
  • Finish:
    All Steel coated with red oxide etch primer and finished with standard white or colour coded QD Enamel
  • Foundations:
    Columns fixed into 1500 x 800 x 600 of 25 MPA Concrete for standard applications.
  • Sheeting:
    Available in 0.5 Full Hard Galvanized Sheeting or 0.5 C1S Chromadek Sheeting